In the year 2171, an alien culture called the Alyrean Collective came down from the stars to make first contact. This was a single fleet of their great star empire and easily had three ships to every one of the Planetary Defense Force (PDF). But the people of the Terran Confederacy, Earth's governing body, were unperturbed for there had been a great number of powered individuals living amongst their population for several decades and though some were not the most scrupulous people, there were many who defended the population, upheld justice, and fought against tyranny and corruption. These heroes were the ones that the Alyreans wanted to meet. 

And so a great celebration was devised, called the First Contact Worlds' Fair and it was held at the same place where the Peace Accords that created the Confederacy were signed, in London. Thousand of people came to enjoy the amusement parks, see the new technological wonders that were put on display, marvel at the hundreds of powered heroes that were also in attendance, and maybe get a glimpse of the new visitors from the great black. They were not to be disappointed, much to the horror of those who watched from abroad.

At a certain point during the festivities the heroes were all to meet the aliens face-to-face and make an official show of peaceful first contact. That was not to be. As soon as they were all gathered in one place, one of the orbiting vessels let loose a searing lance of energy at the site of the Worlds' Fair, obliterating everything and everyone in a ten mile radius. At the same time similar weapons leveled PDF defense structures on the ground and sent those in orbit crashing to the Earth's surface.

In one fell action, the deceiving invaders had destroyed almost every powered hero in the world and the few that were not in attendance would later be tracked down and eliminated. The Luna Colony was destroyed and all contact with the Mars Colony was lost. Unable to defend itself, the Confederacy was forced to surrender to the aliens, who then subjugated the populace, killing dissenters where they were found, and starting operations to strip the world of its natural resources.

It is now five years later, 2176. The PDF has become an enforcement tool for the Alyreans, keeping other humans in line. Entire cities have become centered around serving the Collective's needs and house humans who are not much more than indentured servants. What few resistance groups there are risk capital punishment, and so have to live in constant paranoia of discovery or in the wilds outside of the cities. Any travel, especially off-world, is highly regulated and uncommon. Governing officials are no more than puppets who have been promised that their positions of power and relatively comfortable lifestyles will remain intact as long as they do what they are told. 

Any powered individuals are hunted down without mercy and killed on sight. And so it has come to pass that almost all of the powered humans left were once the greatest villains to threaten the peace of the Terran Confederacy. Those who have been accustomed to spreading their reprehensible ideologies and masking their identities in the face of persecution. Those who have been working in the shadows for most of their lives, doing deplorable deeds in the name of personal gain or outright anarchy. Those who have the desire to wrest control of the world for their own depravities. It is in the hands of these nefarious people that the fate of the world lies, to these knaves that humans must look for salvation from their alien overlords.

These ignoble few have become a Necessary Evil.


This campaign uses the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules set and the Super Powers Companion Second Edition. Everything including characters, weapons, and vehicles is built through the super powers system. It takes some inspiration from the Science Fiction Companion Second Edition. It also takes inspiration and its name from the Savage Worlds setting, Necessary Evil. This campaign however, is a new take on the ideas thereof.

Necessary Evil

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